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The disco beat was created so that white people could dance. —Bethann Hardison. : February 2010

Disco ‘aint that poofs music?’

Although I truly love my DnB and my teenage son finds it hilarious that his father dresses like a B-Boy/Junglist. I look younger than my years and can pull it off and I consider myself one of the original Junglists.

I like nothing better than playing UNCZ, Funsta, Skibadee, MC Fearless at full volume, my true love is House music in all its forms and proper underground 70s RnB/Disco/Dance music.

When I invite folks to the London office and back in the day to the ‘Wrongshop’ premises to have a smoke or comedown from some Shrooms or Little Fella’s after a nights partying. I forewarn them I will be dropping my top Disco selection to educate them, the most common theme to their replies is ‘Disco’s poofs music’ or ‘Disco is Shit!’

Everyone one of them takes their words back after being played some real Disco tunes. I fully agree that there was masses of utter shit released in the Disco era. This was due to the fact you could sell 1000s of 12 inches just by sticking a big ‘DISCO’ sticker on the sleave of your substandard release.

Love is the message!

Back in the late 1970’s New York was a shit hole and money was tight. But after the Stonewall Riots gay folks had a new freedom, Cocaine was fueling the night life and people were dressing glamourous at night to forget the dullness of their 9to5 day2day.

their was a special kind of magic in the air …

Many session musicians were struggling to make a living, which meant they worked for less money and producers like the legend Patrick Adams could ‘over produce’ their tracks.

I’m a Big Freak (R U 1 2) – Patrick Adams

A lot of tracks have 3 sections. The actual track, a section where the producer lets loose with their vibe and an off-key section that ruins the track(normally the middle chunk). A well edited DJ set of 70s Disco could easily rock the dancefloors, even though the tracks are 40 years old. With the current DJ controllers and software available, there is no excuse.

Leroy Burgess provides the killer vocals in Lets Do It by Convertion that coupled with the piano chords are the ingredients for the Deep Soulful House tracks that will take over the dance floors in a few years time.

Lets Do It – Convertion

Disco Licks vol 1 by OCD DJ’s – disco mp3 download

STILL BEING WRITTEN!!!! – This page will be like an index page linking to more indepth articles about those people/records that not only changed the clubbing scene, but the whole vibe of planet Earth!!

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