Welcome to our store. Here you can find a few bits including T-shirts, Hoodies, Software, Dj Mixes and from time to time rare bits of vinyl.


‘Get on one matey’ T-Shirt (Buy It) £9.99

For those of you who missed out on the Acid House era, you can still get to wear a smiley T-Shirt. Made in UK, top quality cotton in S,M,L,XL sizes.

‘’ T-Shirt (Buy It) £9.99

Featuring our logo. Made in UK, top quality cotton in S,M,L,XL sizes.

USB Drives

’16GB’ Royalty free samples. (Buy It) £9.99

Why spend hours downloading .wav samples when you have 1000’s on this top quality USB drive.

‘Tails OS’ Better than TOR (Buy It) £9.99

Privacy has never been more important online. You can boot your laptop straight from this USB to use the Dark Web safely. Essential if using Dark Markets etc.

‘DJ Mixes’ Numerous (Buy It) £9.99

I’ve spent over 30 years hunting the best DJ mixes. Heres a load on a USB drive. Makes a great gift.

Shipping Costs

UK 1st Class Recorded (buy It) £2.99

We ship within 1 working day. Tracking info is provided. We use recycled packaging when possible. If it’s a gift let us know and we will use brand new.

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