90s Dance Music USA

The New Dance Show

If I could go back to The Paradise Club in Islington, London N1 in the early 90s for one night and be in the House room watching it go mental to Todd Terry’s Jumpin once last time, I could die tomorrow a content and happy man.

Rock To The Beat

But as that is unlikely to happen, I will have to be content with some old skool House Music videos with some of the best dancers I have ever seen.

House Music TV

I believe the videos are from The New Dance Show from a cable TV station in Detroit. The New Dance Show was a television series in Detroit, Michigan, which ran on WGPR-TV 62. The New Dance Show debuted in November 1988, the first show being recorded at Reggie’s Moulin Rouge in Detroit. Production later moved to Highland Park in 1994 after R.J. Watkins’ purchase of WHPR-FM. The New Dance Show ended in 1996

Do Da Doo – Robotman
Electronic House Mix

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